Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Season

                                         Country Fall Bliss
A lively crowd of people assembled
Oh, the taste of authentic food
All determined to win at the humorous games
While the skillful pumpkin carves begin.

Vivacious high spirited characters
A fanciful hayride to be shared
Pretty colored balloons displayed
Talented musicians
Lively bonfire created
Lovely music in my ears.

Innocent laughter everywhere
The loud roar of a farm tractor 
Self-initiated jolly conversation
Sweet, soft and fluffy cotton candy
Juicy plump hot dogs on a stick
Shiny and crunchy red candy apples
Tasty and salty popcorn to eat.

They served hot spiced cider
Decadent chocolate chip cookies teasing my taste buds
Bubbling pies shaped like stars
Brimming casseroles of hearty stew
And buttery corn served warm
The mouthwatering aroma of BBQ.

The sweet smells of spices wafting through the air
My senses sensitive to the baked goods
Soft and meek animals to pet
Warm and cheerful hugs
Strong and friendly handshakes.

Poem written by Yolanda Acevedo

Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk
The Set-Apart Woman

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