Thursday, October 16, 2014


                                   In Loving Memory,
                                                           October 15, 2014

Our friend Kimm from (Reinvented) just shared that their beloved pet Archie, passed away sometime last night. The family woke up this morning to find Archie resting peacefully. Here is a pic of Archie. At some time or another, we've all experienced the loss of a loved one, whether a human relative, a friend, or a pet.

Their not "just" pets. Their family, our children, and they come to fill a deep, deep part in our hearts. We enjoy the laughter they bring into our lives, and we worry when their sick, or not their usual playful selves. We love just as much as they do just hanging out cuddling on the couch, and rubbing their tummies. As time goes by, we seek their companionship and unconditional love.

So here's to you,  Archie...  Thank you for the beautiful memories! You will always live in our hearts!

Your time on earth has reached an end
Our home will never be the same
For memories of you greeting me
Will always linger and remain.
Your napping spot, your feeding bowl
Your toys are still scattered
Your life on earth as my best friend
Tells the world how much you mattered.
And now my dear beloved pet
One last command I send
Please wait for me in heaven
As my eternal friend.

(Poem by Theresa K. Hardy)  I Loved You Best


  1. Thank you Yolanda, that is so sweet!

  2. Amen my friend. It's like you say, you still have his brother Zeus, so just keep on loving on him and remember Archie for always!

    I send you my prayers and blessings.